I have bad posture and I’ve always found it very difficult to keep my back straight. My shoulders are stooped, my back is arched as if in hopelessness, my torso is bent forward.

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I look quite ridiculous walking like this on the street; especially when I’m all made up and wearing fancy stuff, and then my back is all slumped. However, when it comes to the consequences of bad posture, looking ridiculous is the smallest of evils. But it’s soooo, so comfortable! My shoulders stoop down automatically, I’m not even aware of it.

On the other hand, for keeping my back straight, chest ahead, chin up – you know, that posture that inspires determination – I must be aware every moment of every movement of every muscle from my torso up. It’s really a pain to keep the correct posture. And it goes away the moment I stop focusing on it. 

I try a little every day. Sometimes it works for a few seconds, sometimes I keep my back straight for minutes. It would help if from time to time you’d correct my posture. With kindness and patience – as if I were a child. It may be the only way I can learn.

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